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Phuket trip
November 28, 2006, 3:40 pm
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I was away in Phuket with the RBSC football team over the weekend. Playing some football, hanging out, getting drunk then playing football again with a hang over (thanks to Pitta so much for handing out the taquilla shots like water!!!), go swimming n sleeping

met up with my cous P’Chompoo at Kor Tor Mor and ate a lot of seafood


chillin’ out in the hotel room at laguna resort


this is the shower of my room.. nice view


an elephant taking a swim in the sea!!!



Amanpuri… one of the most expensive resort in world. This particular villa goes at 10,000USD per night!!! with private swimming pool and 4 suit bedrooms. I meet Nakata the Japanese football player there too chillin’ on the beach.. cool


we are the champion!!! this is my team


I got this today as well.. Nike Free 5.0 polka dot

Stop BEEFFING n let see some action
November 23, 2006, 3:54 pm
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its been a month since my last blog… sorry but i’m been very lazy and a lot of work. But all is good now ‘cos i got lots of stuff to show you.

What’s the news

Manga – select store with brands like ’10 deep, triumvir, recon,etc’ opened in bkk but extremely expensive.

Mafia pack lauch last sat. but a bit of a downer

wicked supreme cat. must get

the daddy is out of the temple – doing his thang and selling all his dunks collection

ok here we go!!!

first of all


honeyee 1st aniversary tee http://www.honeyee.com  one of the coolest site on the web with blogger such as kaws, edison chen, hiroshi fujiwara, eric clapton and lots more… must check


some new records in … still havent listen to them … yes i am a lazy DJ

ain’t no other – love remix

love for granted – headbangers

you got the love – remix (wicked track)

skc bratwal/futurebound

rain remix


dunk low haze another buy from the daddy… thanks dude


og bape bag second from http://www.sneakersociety.com – a thai based website for the sneaker lovers n street ware


my fav of the month ‘kiks tyo’ idol tee… love it now i have a tee to go with my tiff